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Submitted on
February 26, 2012


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I am so sick of people who think they're "all that."  So my rant goes to one boy in particular. Yes, I said boy, he doesn't deserve to be called a man in my book.

1. Butt out of my life. Since when did I give you permission to be in it anyways?
2. Dude, your insults are the lamest things I've ever heard in my life. There are over a thousand words in the English language. USE THEM! I mean really, if you're gonna insult use some good words at least!
3. You think you're funny, insulting pretty much everyone. It's not funny, it makes people think you're a jerk. Ever heard of the saying; "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it all."
Yeah, I think that phrase would be beneficial to him. (And before you say, why aren't you abiding that rule? I think this NEEDS to be said, if I didn't, then I would "hold my tongue" and not  be typing this.)
4. You're a player. I can already see it, when we're in high school you will probably be the one who breaks girls' hearts all the time.. You already broke mine more than once. You broke my best friend's heart too. And I can already see you breaking the girl you're with now.. One day, you'll probably get you heart broken & see what it feels like..
6. Sometimes people will NOT like you. It's a fact of life. You don't need to go insulting them every chance you get.
7. You think you're so "Christian" Yeah, so that's why you go around insulting everyone, being racist, threatening to blow up Australia just because you don't like the one person I love from there, and bash everyone who isn't in the church pew every Sunday. You're so Christian for that..
8. You need to bring your ego down a few notches. You're not God's gift to man. Not every girl will love you, and not every guy will want to be your friend. Get over yourself.
9. You also need to stop threatening to beat everyone up. Because eventually someone will rise up to your challenge, and you will get hurt. Not everyone is scared of you..
10. And you seriously need to stop trying to dictate my life. When did I elect you my leader? You can't tell me what to do, and who to hang out with. You are not my father, nor my brother. You cannot do it. I will hang out with and do whatever I want. Keep your nose out of it.

Alright, there's my rant.. I had to get that off my chest..
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<3 classic bailey,thanks 4 sticking up for me hun :3
i love you
Of course, I always do, always will. :heart:
I love you too!
You tell him!!
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